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Everywhere we go-o, people want to know-o…

Hi.  I’m mommy around here.  That’s what they yell when they drop a goldfish on the floor.  Sometimes it’s a cracker, sometimes it’s the slippery wet kind.  Ever have frogs in your fish tank?  The kind that swim around with the fishes?  Keep the lid down, they jump out.  This has been Public Service Announcement NO. 47. 

Anywhoo.  I gots two kids and a husband.  Two dogs, 3 fish, and 1 snail.  I borrow other people’s babies to watch during the day.  I would call it a daycare but that implies that I know what I am doing.  I don’t.  I keep them alive and fed until their parents get here.  Some days we even turn off the TV!  My daughter is in first grade.  My son is almost 2.  I can’t tell you about my wonderful husband because he doesn’t want anyone on the internet to know he exists.  You won’t be seeing any pictures of him.  You’ll come to know how wonderfully patient and kind he is by reading about me and knowing what kind of a man he must be to put up with me.

So why should you read my blog?  Because I told you to.  I’m bossy, get used to it. Also, I like to make things and I will tell you how to make them or how not to make them sometimes.  I’m bossy, get used to it.  I like to watch trashy tv and trash it.  We can feel superior together.  Sound good?  Good.  Let’s get to it then.

See ya round!


About fakingfabulous

I am a wife and a mommy. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened.

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