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Busey really won?

Gary Busey was the project manager on Celebrity Apprentice this weekend.  Well last weekend.  I’m behind on the dvr, sorry.  Seriously he won?  It looked like total chaos and Jose Canseco (you are a friend of mine, I like to drink you with a little salt and lime) the eye twitch is scary.  Can you botox that or something?  Or is it a ‘roid carryover?

Huh?  What was I talking about?  Gary?  Ok, Gary – I don’t get you and I don’t think I am alone.  You appear to be a lovely person.  On your own planet.  Love ya, can’t believe you won.  Really think we need to chalk this win up to Meatloaf and John Rich (my fave).

Mark McGrath?  He is me in inky skin.  I would totally panic and call everyone else to tell them what the heck and take video proof to the boardroom and say See? See?  I just don’t think that wins C.A.  Sorry

John Rich – love ya.  You are too nice to win the whole deal, but I will root for you and buy your Snapple.

The ladies?  Nene makes me laugh – we’ll wait to see some content before we know what she can do.  Latoya?  cute, Marley – a dark horse mark my words.  She’s gunnin’ for the top!  The model Holly?  eh, Trump will hit on her and save her once but she’ll go soon.  Dionne?  I think she and Busey will run away together.  And Star is in the Piers Morgan, Annie Duke category.  She’ll go far but not take any fans with her.

Your thoughts?


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