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My favorite sponge is gone!

I love sponges.  All shapes, all sizes.  I craved sponges when I was pregnant.  Not to eat – just to squeeze.  I will understand if you stop reading my little blog now.  Since I love sponges so much I have definite preferences for which sponge does a better job at certain tasks.  For washing dishes it has always been the blue Estracell sponge.

They recently changed the spongy part of the sponge.  Now I do not like it anymore.  The wedge edge is still fantastic, just not as effective with the new sponge formula.

I realize no one else cares about this!  I am just telling you this so you will understand why I have resorted to making my own dishcloths.  I was desperate I tell ya!  You can do this too.  If this is your first time knitting there are great tutorials out there for learning to knit and this is a great pattern to learn on.  If you’ve been knitting for a while you can make a dishcloth from cast on to cast off in an afternoon.  Here we go!

First you need to start with nylon plastic canvas yarn.  This has become much harder to find.  I used to find it at Walmart but now I have to get it online.  Try here.  You only need a little – don’t overbuy.  If you can’t find any nylon yarn you can make the whole cloth with cotton yarn, you just won’t have a scratchy scrubby part. 

My mom says a scrubby made with nylon yarn is the best tool for cleaning the shower.  I wouldn’t know – I have a sponge for that.

On size 7 needles with the nylon yarn, cast on 4 stitches.

Knit one, knit in the front and back of the second stitch, then knit the remaining stitches.

Knit 1, inc in nxt st, k across on each row until you have 22 stitches on your needle.  Switch to cotton yarn, I prefer Peaches & Creme.  Continue knitting and increasing until you have 45 stitches on the needle.  Now you will start the decrease rows.

Knit one, Knit 2 together, knit across.

Repeat this row until you have 4 stitches on your needle and bind off.  Super simple but the best dishcloth you can make.  The nylon yarn is scratchy like the top of a sponge but won’t scratch anything.  The ribs on the cloth grab everything and do a wonderful job of cleaning.  Please try it!


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