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Make your own fast food breakfast

Ever zip through the drive through on your way to work or school?  I like the breadfast burritos.  They are cheap, good, and easy to eat in the car.  When I started stay at home mommying I missed my fast food fix every morning.  So I learned to make my own! 

Simple ingredients and not much time yields a stash of ready-to-go breakfasts in the freezer.  Just pull out one burrito, pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes or in the toaster oven for a few minutes and you are ready to go. 

First step – a pound of sausage goes into a skillet.  Brown it, drain it, put it into your largest bowl.  Now scramble up a dozen eggs with a glug or two of milk in the skillet you just used for the sausage.  Make sure you get the eggs chopped into small-ish pieces as you cook them.  My tip?  Use a rubber scraper for making scrambled eggs.  Much easier, fewer grody brown pieces. 

Now the eggs go into the gigantic bowl with the sausage.  Add a can (4 oz) of green chilis and 2 or more cups of shredded cheese.  Stir it all up–stir it all up. 

Now go over to your table.  Lay burrito size tortillas all over it.  I usually use 14 – 18 tortillas, but it depends on the day, the size of my scoop, the number of kids biting my ankles at the time, and whether or not I am hungry.  I have a large cookie scoop from Sam’s Club that I use to portion the egg/sausage mixture onto each tortilla.  One scoop of filling goes on the middle of each tortilla.  I would guess my scoop holds 1/3 cup.  Spread it out a little and then make yourself a stack of paper towels.  Standing at your stack of paper towels, pull over one tortilla with the filling on it and place it on your paper towel.  Fold over the right side and the left side of the burrito and then start rolling the side closest to you away from you.  Then wrap one paper towel around the burrito and place the whole shebang into the bag the tortillas came in.  If I were using a toaster oven to heat these in the morning I would wrap them in aluminum foil instead.

Now continue doing this until all of the filling is used up and you have lots of burritos ready to go into the freezer.  Put the bags of burritos in an easy to grab place in your freezer.  Now clean up the mess.  Don’t worry, it is worth it.  You will thank yourself in the morning!

After you write down this recipe head over to Learning the Frugal Life for some other Frugal Tuesday Tips!


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  1. I LOVE this. I am so going to try this. Thanks for linking up!

    • I hope you enjoy them – please let me know if you like them. I’ve considered putting hash browns in too. Hmmm…. PS Loved you in the paper yesterday. So glad I picked up that card at the garage sale!

  2. Thanks for joining the frugal tuesday tip! hope to see more tips from you in the future.

  3. Have you had much of a problem with freezer burn? Is that what the paper towels are for? Still trying to figure out how to make these work so my husband will like them! Thanks for your help!!

    • I found this idea in a cook-once-eat-for-a-month type of cookbook. I have never tried it without the paper towels. My husband likes the towels because it is easier to eat in the car. Hope this helps!

  4. brilliant!!

    I am going to do this Monday! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! (nothingbutchatter) I will have to dig around for my original Master Mix recipe but the title of my mom’s book is Make-a-mix Cookery by Eliason, Harward & Westover (HPBooks)

    before we moved into this house, I had a bigger bathroom w/a tub that I set a folding clothes drying rack into & then the kids used clothes pins on wash clothes as their hand drying towels, their clothes pins had their names on them & I laundered them as needed. Boy do I miss it!! 🙂 thanks fo sharing your color coding idea!! I will have to remember that!

    • Thank you so much for the info on the book! I will be checking Amazon in 2 seconds. Good idea on the drying rack – that would be a good place to drip dry bibs too! I might be doing that in 20 seconds…


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