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What are you reading?

I love to read.  I give up sleep to read.  It started when I was a child.  I would hide a flashlight in my room and use it to read under the covers at night.  Then the parents would catch me, take the flashlight, and grumble something before going back to bed.  So the next day I would be searching for the flashlight again.  If I couldn’t find the flashlight I would lay on my side on the floor of my room with my face pressed against the heat vent in my floor.  It was an old house and heat vents to upstairs rooms meant a grate over a hole in the floor to let heat from the downstairs room into the upstairs.  Before you think of my parents as barbaric for making me live in these conditions you should know this.  I was not laying on the heat vent to stay warm.  I was laying on it because if I craned my neck just right I could watch Johnny Carson in the living room below me.  I still don’t think my parents know about it.  Don’t tell – I can’t get grounded.  I have to take my daughter to t-ball practice.

Was there a point to this post?  Probably not, but let’s pretend we were talking about books. 

I love a good series.  Books just aren’t long enough to suit me.  By the time I have gotten to know a character and all the tidbits about their lives so that I can begin to flow with the book, it is over.  Doesn’t work for me.  I need more.

I got a kobo this winter as an extremely generous gift.  Then I found out I can check out books from the library for free digitally.  Gasp!  Now my corners grow even dustier from lack of sweeping and my bottom grows even wider from lack of ability to put the book down to do anything!  So many books…..

I have discovered Hannah Swenson mysteries.  Have you read them?  You should.  They are light, easy reading.  No morals, no lessons, no guilt.  Nothing to offend people who prefer Christian Fiction.  If you are looking for steamy romance, look elsewhere. Cute and short mysteries with a fun twist added.  Wait for it…….There are recipes in the book.  Now I, for one, can read a cook book cover to cover and be very content.  This is better.  In a chapter of the book Hannah Swenson may offer her guests a cookie and then the guest raves over them.  You wonder, where can I get the recipe?  At the end of the chapter!  Woo hoo!

Mostly desserts but also savory dishes and even some salads make their way into the book.  Love it.

Problem.  I only have two books left in the series.  What are you reading?  Would I like it?  What should I read now?  Help!


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