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I’ve joined the Duct Tape Revolution

This weekend we had an unexpected cousin over for the day.  Usually an extra kid in the house means less input from me because they go off and play together.  Saturday was not one of those days.  The boredom monster was prowling around every corner.  What to do?

I had seen this post over at UCreate and thought it looked cute.  I was super skeptical that a 7 and 9 year old would be able to do this without tears of frustration. They looked more involved than I wanted to do, but what the heck?  If it didn’t work we could always throw the whole shebang away, right?  So I read through the whole post and sent the kids after supplies.  Bring me some cardboard, a pair of scissors, and a roll of duct tape.

Twenty frustration-FREE minutes later we had made these:

They were super simple. Yes, these are very boring but I was not about to go buy fancy duct tape if this wasn’t going to work.  Fancy duct tape would be a great birthday gift for an older child (6+) or something to stock in your summer rainy day kit.

Here are the directions:

1. trace around a pair of shoes onto cardboard – cut out.  This was the most challenging for the kids but we discovered this is not the place for safety scissors.  Use the big ones, it helps.

2. Cover the top side of each shoe with duct tape, decorating as you please.

3. place foot on shoe and put a marker in between your toes where the straps should come through the sole of the shoe.  Cut a hole where you marked.

4. Cut two pieces of duct tape about 12″ long.  Fold each into thirds the long way to make the straps for the shoe. 

5. Poke the straps through the hole you made and tape the ends to the bottom of the shoe.  Now put your foot on the shoe and decide how you want your straps to go.  Fold them around to the bottom of the shoe and tape in place.

6.  Cover the bottom of your shoe.  I also let the kids have my secret stash of colored sharpies to decorate their shoes.  Mostly because I felt guilty about the ugly plain duct tape.  This was not a good move.  The marker wore off onto their feet and then onto my floor.  HIDE your sharpies!

In all, I call this frugal because it was a practical craft that I did with children.  No movie tickets or trips to town required.  I would also guess we spent less than a dollar for three pair of these shoes.  And it was fun!

Check out some practical frugal tips over at Learning the Frugal Life:


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  1. Cute! I love finding inexpensive ways to entertain my kids. Thanks for linking up!

  2. thanks for joining the frugal tuesday tip. I love reading everyone’s ideas.


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