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Stuck out here in Paradise!

Last night after supper we went for a walk.  If you know us, you know we don’t walk.  Anywhere.  Ever.  But we did and it was fantastic.  I think I will put this one in my memory banks!  We live next to a wildlife area.  The view from my living room is spectacular.  My husband grew up two miles down our gravel road and told his parents from the time he was very little that he would build a house here.  He did.  And then he married me – all his dreams fulfilled!  ha – don’t tell him I said that.

So last night we walked down the trail that the DNR uses to service the dam.  This area was once used mostly for fishing and some hunting but the DNR have now decided it should be for the ducks so they drain it every year to kill the fish by draining out all of the water and leaving them to suffocate on top of the mud.  Just laying there in the sun. Not kidding.  Did you know fish and ducks can’t live in the same area?  Me neither.  If you are a fan of the DNR you should stop reading now.  It wasn’t until I was in daily contact with them and their ways that I learned their true purpose.  To irritate me.

Ahh….another post.  Today is about the wonderful walk we had.

There is even one pelican left.  Did you know that pelicans migrate?  I didn’t either.  They come through here every year in huge herds.  Flocks?  Gaggles? Oh, a pod of pelicans.  Anyway they are so much fun to watch when they leave.  The leaders of the pod take off out of the water and begin to fly in a large circle overhead.  A few more join the flying circle and then more and more until there are a hundred or more flying and they wait there for all the stragglers to join the circle.  Then the whole group, I mean pod, takes off to fly further north.  This happens with a new group every day for about a month.  It is beautiful!

We even have a pair of bald eagles nesting here.  We try to watch them with binoculars from our house.  Last night we saw one down on the ground eating.  They are beautiful. 

Everything is beautiful.  Kum ba ya.  Except for the DNR.  They don’t get to kum ba ya with me.


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