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Our New Babies

Did you hear that thunk?  That was my mom fainting when she read the title of this post.  Our new babies are twins and they are 6 weeks old.  Beautiful and sweet as sugar.  Just precious!  Would you like to see a picture?

On the left we have Tayet.  I had never heard the name before so I looked it up for you.

“Tayet (Tait) was an ancient Egyptian goddess of weaving and the patron of weavers and those involved in the ritual of mummification.Linen bandages were also used to bandage wounds and it was thought that Tayet could protect the injured person from a blood hemorrhage and ensure the cleanliness of the wound. Thus she represented purity and perfection.” 

P.S. Great website for all things Egyptian:

On the right in the picture is Scout.  I love the name Scout.  We actually considered naming our second child Scout.  Lets hope the name ends up being represented as a precocious young girl and not a goat with a mind to wander! 

My daughter loves animals more than she loves oxygen.  We have tried to limit her animals and keep them to a sane number.  She has had fish, rabbits, dogs, cats, and a hamster.  Goats seemed like the next logical step.  Right?  So she talked her daddy into building her a shed for the goats.  He spent 4 entire weekends building it this winter.  Then she talked Grandpa into finding her a goat.  That was not hard.  He’s getting soft, that man. 

Today it was deemed warm enough to go to Eden Hills to find a goat.  Teresa was wonderful and walked us through to meet her goats.  There are 21 kids there right now that are so cute it hurt to be there.  I think I ovulated a little.  Anyway she told us that she had twin girls that would be perfect for us as they were just weaned.  Sounded great to me!

So we brought them home and put the pet carrier into their new pen.  My son tried to crawl into the carrier with the ladies.  We pulled him out and they came out too.  Since then they have been browzing like crazy.  I’m pretty sure my daughter is going to try to sneak out and sleep with them tonight.  Oh well….at least I don’t have to listen to the Bieber!

Stay tuned for more posts about the girls.  I’m off to garage sales to find them some toys to play with!


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  1. Hi there!

    As you can see, my name is Tayet, I’m 12 years old. I am the one that little, goaty, Tayet is named after! Come visit my blog at for all things goaty! Well, and a little bit of cats and ducks and chickens.

  2. We goats like to climb. My humans got us spools at the electric company and they were FREE

    • They do love to climb! I brought them a stump out of our wood pile and they were on it before I set it down! So funny. And they seem braver on the stump, is that possible?

  3. HI! I came over from Millie the Goats Blog at Eden Hills….(did I just write that??). Just wanted to check in and let you know I was here. 🙂


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