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Fake Fastfood – Submarino

So apparantly I’m not the only person in America that likes fast food.  Shocker.  I do have a little problem with it, though.  They don’t have any drive thrus in the country.  The closest McDonald’s is 18 miles away and even worse?  Fazoli’s is 30 miles away.  Their sandwiches are too good to wait that long for.  My husband and I love submarino sandwiches from Fazoli’s.  We wanted to make them at home so we decided to research how to do it.  We went to Fazoli’s and ate one then stopped at the grocery store to pick up ingredients.  Well, sort of.  He waited in the car.  The hubs is not a shopper.

So at home we tried to recreate the fantastic crispy, chewy, hot, cold, delicious-ness.  Didn’t quite get there.  Next week we tortured ourselves by going back to Fazoli’s to eat yet another scrummy sandwich.  Bought more ingredients, tried again.  We have tried making these sandwiches at least 30 times and I think we’ve got it just right.  Please make them yourself and let me know what you think.

This recipe is not just a cold lunchmeat sandwich that takes 2 minutes and 3 brain cells to make.  This is an actual proper sandwich that I have proudly served to guests in our home.  So crank your oven up.  Little more.  Little more.  There you go.  450- 500 degrees depending on how good you are at watching things cook.  I am not.  I forget I am cooking and start wallpapering the bathroom.  Some people call it ADD, but I …, an airplane!

Sorry.  I’ll behave now.

Oven: 450 degrees

Bread of choice: Nice hoagie buns or a loaf of french bread from Wal-mart or wherever.  Buns are great for our family, but get the big loaf for company.

Meat: Presliced lunchmeat.  The best is half turkey, half ham.  Do it my way this time and then you can deviate next time.  Deal?

Cheese: Mozzarella, shredded.  I tried the real stuff on this and didn’t like it as well.  Just use the shredded stuff in your freezer.

Fixin’s: Shredded lettuce, thinly sliced tomato and creamy Italian dressing.

Now-get a cooling rack thing and put it on a cookie sheet.  It took me a long time to find one that fit a cookie sheet that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  The secret?  Go to your local farm/hunting store and look by the jerky making supplies.

Lay the meat on the rack and cook it in the oven until the edges are brown and crispy.  On another cookie sheet place your sliced open buns or loaf.  Put this in the oven just until it crisps a little – don’t toast it.  Then spread some cheese over the bread and cook until melted. 

Take everything out of the oven and put it together.  Put fancy toothpicks in them to keep it together and so the kids can hurt each other with them later.  Enjoy.  Oh, and no need to serve with soup – this is a whole meal! 

This may not be the most frugal thing out there, but it costs me over $11 to get to town and back, plus the cost of the food.  So I count this as a money saver!

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  1. Stacey Feehan

    Sounds wonderful!


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