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Walking Tacos

This picture has no relevance whatsoever

Tonight is my daughter’s first T-ball game of the season.  I love it!  She has it figured out this year and is ready to go.  She hates to run (wonder where she gets it?) and didn’t want to play last year because you have to run sometimes.  We told her if she hits the ball hard enough to get over the fence she can just walk.  She took that to heart – she smashes it.  Actually got one home run last year.  Ahhh……I’m a proud mommy!

So this afternoon during nap time I was putting together the taco meat for tonight’s supper.  I got to thinking…has everyone heard of walking tacos?  I’m sure of it – what else do they eat all summer?  So I’m posting this to no one, because you all eat this all the time anyway, right?

I have no pictures, you’ll just have to imagine 😉

Take one single serving size bag of Doritos and smash them to bits.  Really crush them.  Now open the bag and add one scoop of taco meat, one handful of lettuce, a spoon of tomatoes, avocado, cheese, sour cream, taco sauce……whatever you have handy.  Grab a fork and head outside to eat….while walking.

In the summer I keep taco toppings in little containers in the fridge all the time.  I can have a walking taco in my hand in under 3 minutes.  Oh, and I make two pounds of ground beef with taco seasoning and add one can of refried beans to stretch it.  This is a great thing for family reunions or camping weekends.  Just put the meat in the crock pot and let everyone serve themselves.  We also like this during harvest because it is easy to eat out in the field.  And kids love it.  Is that enough reasons yet?  Will you make them now please?  Please?


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  1. You know I have heard of these, just never made them. My kids would be in HEAVEN! And what a great, easy “its a nice day, lets eat outside while we play” lunch too. Oh, by the way, I don’t know where I read this, but if you open the chip bag the long way with a scissors, your meat to chip ratio is better. Where I come up with these bizarre tid bits, I’ll never know!?

    • Thank you for the tid bit! If you like these you may also like the Duggar’s Chili Frito Pie – dump leftover chili on Fritos and top with sour cream. A favorite lunch around here.


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