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Fresh Start

Last night my son would not fall asleep.  It was 9:30 before I could get him to lay down and at 10:15 he stopped talking long enough to drift off.  It is summer – our schedules are funky – I expect this.  After I get him tucked in, and do one last sweep of the house (for what?) I crawl into bed and look for a channel on tv that will put me right to sleep.  I chose to watch Sister  Wives on TLC.  Bad choice – it woke me right up and got me to thinking!

I don’t follow the show, so I don’t know all of the back story which is what makes reality tv so interesting to me, but in last night’s episode they were moving in a hurry.  I was riveted as the dad made countless trips up and down steps to confer with each wife, made me laugh.  My husband can’t keep up with my changing moods, how does he stay sane with 4 wives?

So last night they were moving to Las Vegas and a fresh beginning and it made me think of moving when I was growing up.  I currently live in my 19th house.  I have lived here since I was 23.  and no, I’m not a military brat.  That includes a lot of moving in college, but we moved often when I was a kid too.  It was always a fresh start for me.  I always imagined I could be a completely new person in the new house.  In the next house my room will be clean.  In the new house Mom will cook my favorite food more often.  In the new house I will be aloof and mysterious. 

One time when we moved I decided many of my troubles would disappear if only the other kids in school didn’t know my dad was the principal.  I told my teacher I wanted it to be a secret.  She smiled and said she wouldn’t tell anyone.  A couple days after school started someone asked me if I knew the new principal and I said I’d met him, he lives on my block.  It worked until the first assembly.  You see, it was a small school (20 students per grade) and the principal and I had the same last name.  Argh!

At the next school my dad was not our principal (career change) and I was just another girl in class.  I couldn’t handle it!  I dyed my hair purple, I wore outrageous clothes, I joined every activity and club that was offered.  Please notice me!  I didn’t like being one of the herd.  I still see evidence of these conflicting personalities in my house.  One room is calm and traditional, the next is bright colors and wow factor.  I have often wondered if I have multiple personalities.  What would I do in an open floor-plan house?  Scary thought.

Anyway, a lot of summers I was faced with a choice.  Who do I want to be next year?  I caught myself thinking the same thing yesterday.  I am in my thirties now and I still want to be someone else!  But not really.  I would not change where I live, I would not change what I do, I would not change my friends.  But I can change what I eat.  I can change what I focus my time on.  I can change my attitude.  Maybe I can shut off the tv for an hour. 

What are you changing this summer?  What will you do to earn new tennies and fresh notebooks this fall?


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I am a wife and a mommy. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened.

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  1. I am working my butt off to be a real full-time farmer! I want to drop out of school (but I’ve already signed my contract for next year).

    • I hear ya. Keep up the good work!
      Just remember teaching is a calling – I think there is someone who needs to learn from you yet. You probably won’t know who or why, either. When that has been accomplished the farm will ‘fall into place’.


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