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Creature Habitats

Save your plastic mayo and peanut butter jars through the year.  Wash them well and drill a couple of holes in the lid.  Find a spot in the garage to keep them until needed.

When your child brings you a toad, butterfly, worm you will have a spot for them to live already.  Just add one wet cotton ball, a stick and a couple of leaves or flowers and you have a beautiful habitat.  We found this tree frog last night in a bird house mounted to the top of our swing set.  He gets to go to school today.  Bet he’s excited.

Then in a week when the creature has been released and the stuff has turned grody you can just toss the whole works or recycle it.  No need to wash and sterilize it for the next adventure.  We go through a lot of these. 

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Second Topic –

Picture it:  you are a young mother, 6 months pregnant with your second child.  Your husband has just landed his dream job and it comes with a house.  You pack up everything you own into your brother-in-law’s truck and move to the new house, sight unseen.  You pull in the driveway and it is a monster.  6 bedrooms, 12 foot ceilings.   Amazing!  You walk in to sheer filth.  Dirty diapers on every stair.  Mushrooms growing out of the floor behind the toilet.  You cry for hours and then get to work.  You scrub that house from top to bottom getting it ready to live in.  It has to be ready for a baby! 

One day you take a break and go see what your 5 year old daughter is doing.  Oh!  She is playing with a wooly worm.  Yuck.  ‘Michelle, where are you going with that wooly worm?’  Up to my room Mom.  ‘I think wooly worms prefer to play outside, Michelle.’  Oh, ok.  I’ll go get his friends.  WHAT?  You race up the stairs to her room and ask where the friends are.  In my closet, they like it there.  HOW MANY FRIENDS?  I don’t know, Mom, I didn’t count.

That was the day my mother saved my life by not stangling me.


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I am a wife and a mommy. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened.

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  1. I remember this like it was yesterday and I think you’re getting paid back for all of your little “projects” now with my grand children. Love you!

  2. Wait till I tell you about the gopher in the freezer.


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