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Yesterday was the last day of 1st grade.  We are lucky country folk.  The school bus (driven by the same wonderful woman that took my husband to his first day of kindergarten) has to turn around on our road and we have a circle drive, so she just pulls the whole kit and caboodle up to our front door.  Because I appreciate her I waited until my sweet but deserving daughter was a full 3 feet from the bus before soaking her with a water gun.  I like traditions.

Today is the first day of summer for us even though it doesn’t feel like it.  We have gotten 2 1/2 inches of rain in the last 24 hours.  We did NOT suffer any tonadoes, and I am thankful.  There were sparks in my bedroom in the middle of the night.  Not the fun kind – the scary, fire-starting kind.  So I have been awake since 1:48 am – I needed to stay awake and watch for more problems.  I needed to be ready to protect my children.  I needed a plan for getting 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 hamster, and 3 fish to safety.  I’m still working on the plan.  I never claimed to be sane or well-adjusted, just honest.  I need some fun in my day and maybe you do too.

Scout running to me.

Tayet the ham.  That girl loves a camera.

Pickles, BANG! Point your finger, gun-style at him.  Now scroll down














Sorry about the groin shot.  He forgot his undies today.


Tayet a.k.a.  Hamzilla the shirt-eater

The beautiful reasons I am installing more smoke detectors today. 

Only 20 or 30.

 I think if I use enough of them it will be a decorating statement, right?

Smoke detectors, not children.



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  1. Oh my, why the sparks? SCARY!!!!! I think goats would be fun. 🙂

    • The sparks came right after a huge crack of thunder/lightning – so I’m guessing some wires got fried. Some friends of ours had an electrical fire this summer and I could not stop thinking about that. I couldn’t figure out if I needed more faith and to just sleep or if it was a warning shot and I needed more smoke detectors. In the end I decided God gave me a mommy heart to protect my kids, so I’m installing smoke detectors today! Yes, goats are a lot of fun! They love to run and jump and play. These two are very gentle with my kids and we adore them.

  2. It’s so nice to see the girls! Glad they are doing well. Are you going to have someone check the wiring.


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