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Faking Fabulous

What happens when you are a fabulous person with a less-than fabulous budget?  You fake it.  Watch this:

It is summer.  I will be now be wearing my collection of flip-flops until Halloween.  I love the look of a french pedicure – but I have better things to do with a 20 than to sit in a stinky nail salon while someone does it for me.  For less than $10 you can buy the supplies to do your own – many, many times.

First you need white nail polish.  You can buy the stuff for french manicures, but it just white nail polish.  I would suggest not buying the cheapest you can find, you want to be able to get full coverage in one coat.  Two coats won’t hurt anything, it’s just easier with one.

Next you need a clear top coat.  At the store they sell french manicure kits that have a white polish for your tips and another color for your top coat.  I have never been happy with the other color.  Just get clear and get a good one.  This is a bit more work than your average pedicure and you don’t want to redo it every week.

Finally you may want to buy some french manicure strips.

These are pretty handy little things.  You can buy them right next to the nail clippers at your local store.  I have done my nails many times without these and just used tape but these are easier.

Now to begin!  Do this before you eat.  It will make it easier to bend over!  Just kidding.  Kinda.

Make sure your feet are clean, all old polish is removed and your nails are trimmed.  Not too short – this is better done on slightly longer nails.  Then put lotion on your feet.  This makes it easier to wipe off wild swipes of polish.  Now you’ll want to put one strip on each nail close to your natural pink/white line.  Really press it down, you don’t want any white seeping under the tape.

You are going to paint white polish above this strip.  Then wait for it to dry a little, remove the strips and let dry a lot.  Read a book to your kids.  Brush your dog.  Do something for half an hour.

Now paint your entire nail with a clear coat.  Wait a few minutes and repeat.  I like to have three clear coats on top.  It looks more professional.  Do not obsess over the neatness of your lines.  Think of your shortest friend.  That person is still 4 feet away from your toenails.  They do not need to be perfect.  The only people who will be closer than 4 feet are your husband, your kids, and your gynecologist and all of them have an entire tabloid’s worth of dirt on you already – crooked lines on your nails won’t bother them.

Now put on cute shoes and go to a ball game.  Eat some popcorn – that’s an order!  On second thought after looking at photos of my feet maybe something with a little less salt would be good.


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