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Take a kid fishing today

First you need some equipment.

Scissors, paper clips, buttons, string, sticks, E6000 or hot glue gun, fun foam, and magnets

To begin, free-hand draw a fish or download a template for a simple fish shape.  I can’t draw to save my life – not even stick figures and I managed this – don’t get fancy.  Now trace your fish shape onto fun foam – I like to use a regular pen for this.  Cut out your fish.  Place a paper clip on the nose to look a little like the mouth of your fish.

Repeat for all of your fish.

You will need a fishing pole.  You could use a pencil or chopstick – I think a stick from your yard would be really cute.  I happened to confiscate this stick from a couple of fighting children and was too lazy to go look for anything else.  Tie a 2 foot length of string to the end of your fishing pole.  The length does not really matter and if you get out a ruler to measure this I will call you a nincompoop.  This whole craft should take you about 15 minutes to make and that includes chasing little rascals away from the glue gun – no perfection allowed!

On the other end of your string tie a button that is about the same size as your magnet.

Now glue these two together.

Guess what?  You are done!  The magnet at the end of the string will hold the paper clip you put on your fish.  Give your kids a bucket to bring home the day’s catch and throw the fish somewhere for them to catch.  If you have a water table (kids LOVE them) put the fish in there.  If it is raining throw the fish behind the couch and let them ‘fish’ them out.  HA HA.  I’m so funny I make myself laugh.

This would make a cute Father’s Day activity for kids who are too young to go in the real fishin’ boat.  I made my fish in many different colors for teaching colors to the littles.  You could write letters on them or numbers or words – whatever.  This only takes a few minutes and making multiple sets only means cutting out more fish.  Cutting out more fish is just a good excuse to watch the Real Housewives of Timbuctoo.  So make one for your neighbor-kid while you are at it.


Have fun – send me some pix of your kids enjoying this.  I would love to see them!


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  1. You kill me… what I want to know is… who were the kids fighting over the sticks? Both mine, or one of yours AND one of mine??? Just kiddin, I’m better off not knowing if both were mine.


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