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The cheapest way to buy things is to buy the smallest size available with a double coupon.  There are no stores within 300 miles of me that double coupons.  I can’t buy things super double cheap that way.  So my secret is to buy in bulk.  That doesn’t look nice sometimes.  Huge soap pumps aren’t cute on the bathroom sink.  Giganto lotion bottles look weird on the nightstand.  And who would could put ketchup on their burger with my 7 pound jug?  No one!  So I hide the enormous containers and just refill the normal-size ones.  With thick gloopy stuff like ketchup and lotion – it takes a while for it to go through the funnel.  Try this –

Put a toothpick in the neck of the bottle you are filling.  This leaves a gap for the air to escape and the gloopy gloppy ketchup flows much faster.  If you are a smart person you can turn this into a science lesson for the runts in your life.  I tend to keep mine away from disastrous mess-making situations like this.  My daughter is one of those kids that can’t chew gum without getting spaghetti sauce on her shirt.

Happy Friday all!


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