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A trip to the Zoo!

My kids have summer birthdays.  My kids have a grandma who lives far away.  My kids received a membership to the zoo for their birthdays.  Their grandma didn’t have to pay for shipping.  I think everyone is happy.

First were the Bald Eagles.  My kids didn’t really care – we have those by our house, they say.  Then one of the eagles flew.  The wider the wingspan got, the wider the eyes of my babies got!  That is a large bird!  It is easy to forget how big they really are when they are flying high above you.  I think the kids will watch them a little differently when they are circling over our yard!

A trip to our zoo is never complete without a good visit with the prairie dogs.  These at the zoo were quite tame compared to the ones we saw in South Dakota a few years ago.  These did not bark at all – I was very disappointed.  Just a couple of weeks after my daughter turned one we went to visit relatives in the Black Hills.  We stopped along the road near a large prairie dog village and got out to stretch our legs.  The prairie dogs were all barking back and forth and my daughter joined them.  She had a blast talking to them and I laughed so hard at her.

Next we went to the children’s area.  Which doesn’t make sense to me – the whole zoo is a children’s area!  So what does my daughter do?  She feeds the goats.  She makes kissy noises at them.  She spends money to feed goats.  We have two goats AT HOME!  But I was there for her sake, not mine.  If she wants to feed goats, let her feed goats.

My boy was not impressed.  He was ready for something dangerous.

Like feeding fish.  You are laughing at me calling this dangerous?  If you could have heard these fish and seen them up close you would know they are closely related to piranhas.  Maybe not, but there is no way I would put my hand in that water!

Our last stop at the zoo was to visit the tortoises.  They are fun to watch and a real attraction.  Especially for the preteen and man crowd.  See that one further to the back.  According to my daughter he is ‘wrestling’ with the one underneath him.  He really likes to wrestle.  My son was very confused and asked me ‘turtles say moo?’  Evidently when they wrestle, they say moo.

It was a very fun trip.  We didn’t stop at any of the attractions that were very crowded since we can come back as often as we want.  Next time we will see the other parts.  I really walked up an appetite, though.  How about chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes tomorrow?


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  1. Stacey Feehan

    I recognize that zoo–I’m there every spring with my class and usually once every summer with my kids. I laughed at the turtles, because that’s all they every seem to do. I think every time I’m there and they are out (sometimes they haven’t been) they are wrestling—loudly.

    When I was in junior high I helped my mom with my sister’s girl scout troop. Mom was the leader. One year we took the troop to the zoo. These were first or second grade girl scouts. As we came in the gates we could hear that ‘moo…moo…moo…’ sound. We thought, ‘wow one of the animals are really talking.’ We even made a big deal out of it thinking that the seals were putting on a show or something similar. As we round the corner to the turtles Mom and I pause as we realized what that noise was. Then we chuckled and allowed the girls to admire the wrestling moves of the turtles.

    My favorite is the otters. I love to watch them swimming. I also love the giraffes. If you get a chance to feed them, or even just watch them be fed, I recommend it. They have the longest tongues! If you are there on a day that is not too hot, the lions are fun. When it’s too hot they just lay around. I’m anxious to see what they end up doing with the seal lion pool and Australia too. It’s not a big or fancy zoo, but it is a nice little zoo. And like everything it is what you make of it. My kids still enjoy it every year.

  2. So funny that you recognize it! We are very excited for the new sea lion pool and Australia as well. We happened to be there on a very busy day and didn’t want to wait in line for any activities like feeding the giraffe – but we will be sure to do that next time! Thanks

  3. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the pics. Did a monkey run up your arm while you were there?

  4. You have to do the Australia exhibit first thing in the morning when the animals are awake and wild! So much fun. We have a former petting zoo goat here! I guess I’m where they retire to.


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