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Persistent vs. Too Stupid to Die

This year I gave up my garden.  My husband has hated it forever and in the interest of world peace, we seeded the garden to grass.  This year there are two lettuce plants that have come up where the garden used to be.

Which begs the question:  are they persistent plants or just too stupid to die?

When I was growing up every year my parents would go to parent-teacher conferences.  Every year the teacher told them I was bossy.  Then in 6th grade  Mrs. Juhl told my parents I had great leadership qualities.  Same thing, different point of view. 

Your assignment for this weekend is to look at something in an entirely new way.  Get down on the floor to look at something (but not in the kitchen – it looks very dirty from the floor).  Look at your living room from outside through a window.  Pretend the weird guy down the street is really in a sitcom – is he more funny now, less annoying?  Try thinking of a new word to describe something – does that change your opinion?  Would you rather be persistent or too stupid to die?  A leader or just bossy?  Determined or a pest?


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  1. This kills me! And I had no lettuce in the house this weekend, but REALLY wanted some. I should have raided your backyard!

  2. I am still so sick of lettuce after last year’s bumper crop!

  3. Do you want me to answer that last question?

  4. Okay then. Bossy and persistent, from birth on.


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