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Notes from my backyard

Goats are a nice, quiet pet to have.  They only talk when my daughter comes outside and isn’t paying them enough attention.  Very low maintenance, easier than the goldfish, really.

Last week I was in the kitchen and heard a terrible scream.  It took me a few moments to realize it was coming from the goat pen.  I went running out there to see what was attacking them.

There was no bobcat (yes they live right here) or coyote in the pen.  Tayet found a hole in the fence that was big enough to get into, but not big enough to get out of.  She and I wrestled for a few minutes but we got her free.  I am happy to report she has not stuck her head through that particular hole again.  Quick learner.

Scout was there to oversee the whole production.  I think this face means ‘a little to the left’.

They made a new friend recently.   A large one.

This is Payton.  She is our neighbor’s dog and she likes to sneak to our house for a visit.  I say sneak, but really a dog her size doesn’t need to ask permission.  What are you going to do if she doesn’t agree with you?  I have tried pushing her out of my way – she doesn’t budge.  She doesn’t wear a leash – she wears a bridle.  Just kidding.  She is very stealthy.  I was sitting on my patio messing with my phone.  No music going, very quiet.  I looked up for a second and was nose to nose with her.  I am so glad she is gentle.  I think she could fit my whole head in her mouth.

This picture doesn’t do her justice.  She is beautiful and HUGE!



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