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Meet the new kids on the block

A friend of ours commented recently that our house is turning into the Animal Rescue League.  I don’t know why he would say that….. While I think about that I’ll introduce you to our new pets.

Meet Tiger.  My daughter named her and it fits perfectly.  She is a rowdy, aggressive, prowling jungle cat.  She loves to fight with Pickles.  Pickles the dog, not the food.

This is Possum.  We tried to let my son name his kitty.  I think that concept is a little large for his 2 year old mind. 

Wanna know why we named him Possum?  Is it because we love George Jones?   A little bit, but mostly…

This is him sleeping on my lap.  This is also what he does when Pickles plays with him.  He plays dead.

I hope he grows out of this.  I don’t think it is a healthy trait in a farm cat.


On second thought, maybe playing dead is a good thing when faced with a 2 year old…….


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  1. Looks like they’ve settled into the family quite nicely!

  2. They look very happy! I am glad the kids love them and they are doing well! Thanks for giving them a good home.

  3. Cute kitties!

  4. HELLO! Its been AGES, but I came to see ya today! 🙂 We have a new kitty too, I have never been a cat fan but wow, this kitty has stolen my heart. I LOVE that yours plays dead, too stinkin’ adorable.
    Welp, hope you are having a great weekend! Just wanted to pop in say hi!
    ~Tonya from 4 little Fergusons


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