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Funny Gift Ideas

I thoroughly enjoy Christmas and everything to do with it.  I love giving people gifts that they will enjoy for years to come.  I love to make things for people because they know I put a lot of thought into it and into them.

I MOST enjoy giving people gifts that make them laugh out loud.  For instance, a couple years ago I gave my brother a huge box that was wrapped beautifully – inside was a smaller box wrapped beautifully, etc.  Until the last box which was completely wrapped in duct tape and impossible to open contained a gift card.  Ha Ha…..well, I laughed.

Last year I gave him a mirror with mustaches on it because he can’t have any facial hair where he works and this way he could look in the mirror and think he was cool. 

Look at the website I found today – they have no idea who I am – they are not giving me anything – I was just cyber shopping and found all of this stuff that made me laugh really, really hard.




Can you see what these are?  Flavor Savers – mustache shaped chip clips.  As Rachel Zoe would say “I die”



 Buttered Popcorn scented air fresheners.  Too funny – there are lots of different ones of these.  I love them all.


Pre-chewed bubble gum magnets.  Know anyone who needs these in their locker?



This is Pooter the skunk.  He is also a whoopee cushion.  I know I will regret it forever but I am getting one for my son.

Want to see the website?  Check it out! The name fits perfectly.  They have a whole section of stocking stuffers.


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