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1.    I thought today would be a great day to catch up on all kinds of things.  Millions of things that take less than 5 minutes each but add up to a lot.  The kids are being great and wanting to be helpers – who am I to deny them?  Sure, you can put that book away.  Okay, go ahead and put those socks in the hamper.  I am so nice to them….ha!

So I sat down to finish two receiving blankets for a friend.  They were already cut and all I had to do was zip around the four sides of each with my serger and then I could put the serger away where it belongs instead of on the piano where I claim it is a decorating statement but no one belives me.  Serger had other ideas!  A thread popped out and I figured out where it went, put it there, and kept sewing. Thread popped out, same one.  I looked more closely, put it back slightly different, sewed some more.  Thread popped out, I got out the tweezers and turned on the light, put it back and kept sewing.  This went on for about 8 more rounds.  On the ninth try I put the thread back the exact same way I did it the first time and it worked.  Can you explain this to me?


2.      I made my kids pose for this picture outside in the freezing cold yesterday.  They are plotting revenge.  I expect ice water as a key element in their strategy.

3.      I blew up my van on Saturday.  Well, just the motor.  I think it is because I read the latest Stephanie Plum novel this week.  I see some similarities in our abilities to keep vehicles running smoothly.  If you have not read her books and you are not my mother, go out and get all 18 books by Janet Evanovich immediately.  If you are my mother, wait a little while……cuz I said so that’s why.

4.     I love our little library.  Miss Linda reads to the kids and does crafts with them and lets them use paint (brave woman) and the library director was waiting at the door with the newest Stephanie Plum when I came in at my usual Tuesday time.  She feeds my addiction. 

5.     Small towns are wonderful.  Especially when you live out in the country and are not part of the local gossip but you still get the great service.  A couple of weeks ago when it was still warm the sheriff’s deputy came storming into the house with his gun drawn. 

         “hi Tim, what’s up?” I ask. 

         “oh, hi, saw the garage door open and thought you were being robbed, sorry” he says.

         “no problem, thanks for checking, say hi to your dad for me” I say

         “will do, bye!”

6.     It is fun to stop at Grandma’s house when she is in the mood to get rid of stuff.   I am making a pork loin in my new roasting dish today.  Yum.

7.    My toes are cold.

8.    My friend is having a baby very soon and I will get to borrow him every day when she goes to work.  I am tired of waiting.  Think I can convince her to do jumping jacks?

9.    If I bake her cookies and put castor oil in them to bring on labor will she taste it?



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I am a wife and a mommy. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened.

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  1. A friend’s list:
    1. She’s already doing jumping jacks. And at-home pregnancy accupressure. And eating castor oil cookies (okay, not the last one).
    2. You totally could have just let the receiving blankets go… she didn’t realize you were making a hundred when she bought that fabric.
    3. Her toes are cold, too. Which is rare these days, what with the built-in furnace that she can’t seem to get to demand the hospital.
    4. She’s quite miffy with you for not telling her that you started blogging again!!


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