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Preparing for New Christmas Toys

Decorating the house for Christmas is the first day of Christmas prep.  Second is shopping.  Third is cooking.  Fourth is clearing out room for the new stuff to be put away.  Fifth is cleaning for company five minutes before they show up otherwise it will just get dirty again and you will have to do it twice.

Let’s talk about clearing out room for new toys in the kids’ rooms shall we?  A couple of years ago I dropped my daughter off at Grandma’s house and went home, into her room and filled boxes for Goodwill and bags of trash.  I got rid of the wrong stuff.  It was heck but spelled with L’s instead.  The next year I put two boxes on the floor in her room and told her that any toys that were broken went into the trash box and any that she wanted to give to another kid to play with went into the Goodwill box.

Any guesses what happened?  Ha!  You are wrong!  You were thinking she only threw away a couple of scraps of paper and donated one scary-looking stuffed animal, weren’t you?  Nope.  She cleared the place out!  She filled the trash and the Goodwill box by herself.  She got rid of waaaay more stuff than I would have.  Turns out she was happy to pass along toys she no longer played with as long as she knew it was going to be loved by someone else.  Who knew?  Not me, I was completely shocked!

So this year I was thinking about my son’s room and what to do with all the stuff.  I really liked Tanya’s toy closet, but I don’t have any closets.  So then I thought, why does a closet have to be behind a door?  I started by painting his room.


The poor boy has been sleeping in a room covered in birds and berries for far too long.  Time for some gray, I say.

That’s better.  Now a trip to the home improvement store with some money I won in a bet with my husband.  He bet me I couldn’t quit a terribly awful bad habit for one year.  Ha!  I won!  wait…..maybe he just wanted me to stop smelling like an ashtray and played me like a fiddle……I always forget he is much smarter than me.  Dag nabbit!

Sorry for the terrible picture.  I am not camera savvy.  This is not the end product, this is just what was lying around the house.  I bought all of the shelves and brackets and just slapped all of the toys on the shelves.  After Christmas when I know what is staying in there I will make it prettier with nice buckets and boxes.  Plus all of the organizing stuff goes on sale in January so BONUS!



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  1. I saw this link on Tonya’s blog. Looks like you did a great job! Glad to know the organization stuff goes on sale in January!!! It’s always definitely time for it after Christmas.

  2. How am I just now seeing this?! Thank you for linking up to my blog and GREAT job on the toy room! Looks great!!!! Your first couple paragraphs had me laughing, I was just sure she threw only a couple things in the trash bags. Kids are amazing….
    ~T 🙂

  3. *Oops, boxes, not trash bags. You knew what I meant!


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