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I like gadgets.  I really like kitchen gadgets.  Yesterday I had my Christmas fun money in my purse (I usually hide it from myself) and my daughter and I happened into a kitchen store.  I saw 500 things I wanted but I showed considerable restraint and only bought 2.  I finally bought a microplane.  Mostly because Pioneer Woman said to but also because I am hungry for lemon bars.

I also bought one of these.

This, my friends, is a microwave potato chip maker.  Have you seen these?  I refused to believe it worked but this consumer reports……it works!  They were not quite a potato chip – but I think if I cooked them a little longer they would be.  Here is how it works – you slice a potato on the included slicer and place each slice in a slot on the doo-dad thing.  Put the doo-dad thing in the microwave for 5 minutes and then eat.  Here is what I love about it. 

A – it makes slightly thicker, chewy chips that are perfect for dipping.

B – my kids couldn’t get enough of these and there was no oil or salt in sight

  • this is huge as my son would not eat a potato for any amount of bribery – not even mashed potatoes!

C – it makes exactly one potato at a time so you never have to ask yourself  ‘what do I do with the rest of this potato now?’

4 – it makes exactly one potato at a time so you never have to ask yourself ‘where did that entire bag of chips go?’

The downsides – don’t let the kids make this for themselves.  The blade is super sharp and their fingers are cute.  Also, like I said, this only makes 24 chips at a time so this would not work for a party.

Other than that I love it – mine was $6.99 and I thought that was a good price.  I found some on Amazon for more but you can look around and see what you can find where you live.

Happy chip making!


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  1. What is a microplane?


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