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A Microplane

A microplane is not a tiny aircraft for children, although if there were such a thing I am quite certain my husband would have bought one by now.  It is a tool used to zest citrus fruits, grate parmesan cheese, and grate fresh ginger.  Seems like every food related tv show has one.  They look like this:


It is basically a cheese grater with super tiny cutting blades.  Know what else it is for?  Grating whole nutmegs!  Here is my tip of the day – grate some fresh nutmeg on your green beans.  Ancient Dutch secret.  They know a lot about spices – remember the Dutch East India company?  Spice traders.  All those famous Dutch explorers?  Looking for faster spice routes.  Trust this Dutch girl and put some nutmeg on your green beans or any other green vegetable.


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  1. Thanks for the explanation. I guess I need one!


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